Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Undergraduate Curriculum recommends approval or rejection of proposed undergraduate programs of study and proposed undergraduate courses of instruction. They are the watch dog for redundancy, course numbering and credit distribution.

The Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee meets throughout the semester to review curriculum. This committee reviews all changes and additions to existing curriculum.

For general information about program and course numbering changes, please see the CurriculumFlowChart2013.pdf.

For FSCC Meeting Dates and Agenda Deadlines, click here.

For Curriculum Process and Forms, click here.

The Graduate Curriculum Committee is governed by the Graduate College.

(Two year term.)

Committee Chair Unit Email Mail Code
Jack Schibrowsky BUS email 6010  
Name College Term
Alice Corkill EDU 2017
Bill Culbreth ENGR 2018
Shannon Sumpter FA 2017
Gail Sammons HOA 2017
Elspeth Whitney LA 2018
John Watts LIB 2017
Christopher Parker Ad.Fa 2017
Rohan Dalpatadu SCI 2017
Committee Reports