Academic Freedom and Ethics Committee

Academic Freedom and Ethics investigates complaints of violations of academic freedom. They also consider questions of ethical conduct of academic faculty or administrative faculty. (Two year term.)

Reaffirmation of the Principles of Academic Freedom

Committee Chair Unit Term Email   Mail Code
Daniel Benyshek LA 2017 email   5003
Name Unit Term
Andrew Zhang BUS 2019
PG Schrader EDU 2019
Harold Berghel ENGR 2019
Daniel Ortega FA 2019
Dave Christianson HOA 2018
Peter Bayer LAW 2018
Miriam Melton-Villanueva LA 2019
Cory Lampert LIB 2018
Corrin Sullivan Ad.Fa 2019
Rodney Metcalf SCI 2018
Carissa D'Aniello-Heyda UA 2019

Committee Reports

Fall 2014 Report, Chaired by Peter Bayeer
Spring 2013 Report, Chaired by Robert Correales
Fall 2012 Report, Chaired by Robert Correales
Spring 2009 Report, Chaired by Peter Bayer
Spring 2005 Report, Chaired by Peter Bayer