Campus Affairs Committee

Campus Affairs designs and conducts evaluations of the President of the University and ensures that evaluations of other administrators are conducted. It advises in formulating library policy and development of information technology policy. It is something of a catch-all, recommending on issues not specifically charged to another Senate Committee, such as athletics, parking, preschool, and part-time instructors. (Two year term.)

Fiscal Affairs merged with Campus Affairs 9/13/16

Committee Chair Unit Term Email   Mail Code
TBA FS 2015      
Name Unit Term
Hongui Deng BUS 2018
Nancy Lough EDU 2018
Sajjad Ahmad ENGR 2018
Timothy Jones FA 2017
Susan VanBeuge HS 2018
Michael Borer LA 2018
Carol Ou LIB 2018
Holly Peters Ad.Fa 2018
Pedro Jule Ad.Fa 2018
Ebrahim Salehi SCI 2018
TBA Ad.Fa  
TBA Undergraduate Student  
TBA Graduate Student  

Committee Reports

Fall 2014, Chaired by Michael Hammer
Spring 2013, Chaired by Shannon Sumpter
Fall 2012, Chaired by William Robinson