Curriculum Process & Forms

For Curriculum forms please click here.


Summary of Process

  1. Obtain approval from department and college.
    • Upon receiving the form from the Faculty Senate Curriculum website, it should be forwarded to the department chair, College Curriculum Committee, and dean for approval. A list of College Curriculum Committee members can be found here.
  2. Send curriculum forms to Registrar’s Office.
    • To initiate course creations, changes, deletions, and program/minor changes, curriculum forms should be sent by the department liaisons to in the Registrar’s Office.
    • Forms missing required signatures and/or pertinent information will be rejected until complete. The form will be emailed back to the department liaisons for review.
    • All paperwork for the common course numbering (CCN) process when creating, deleting, or changing a course will be handled by the Registrar’s Office. Although faculty will no longer submit CCN forms for individual courses, they should operate under CCN guidelines when proposing a new course. Guidelines can be found on the CCN website.
    • Faculty may be asked by the Registrar’s Office to research a new course to determine if there is any overlap with that course and courses that already exist at another Nevada institution. This will happen only if the Registrar’s Office is uncertain about the uniqueness of a course.
  3. Obtain approval from Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee.
    • The Registrar’s Office will place curriculum requests on the agenda of the next Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee meeting. Meeting dates are listed on the Faculty Senate Curriculum website. The chair of the Faculty Senate or the Registrar’s Office will contact you prior to the upcoming meeting.
      • Attendance by requestor or appointed designee by department is mandatory.
    • Once approved, curriculum will be processed by the Registrar's Office. The Registrar’s Office will be responsible for sending a review of the completed form for the designee to approve. The review will consist of a screen shot of the entry in the catalog and of the entry of People Soft/MyUNLV.

NOTE: Deadline for submission of curriculum is scheduled for the last business day of the month. If deadline is missed, the curriculum requests will be reviewed at the following Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee meeting.

Any changes to your initial request during the process will require a resubmittal of curriculum form.