Fiscal Affairs Committee

Fiscal Affairs reports on the distribution of administrative merit and reviews salary and fringe benefits and makes recommendations for adjustment. (Two year term.)

Committee Chair Unit Email Mail Code
Name Unit Term
Joel Wisner BUS 2018
Kim Nehls EDU 2017
Hui Zhao ENGR 2017
Genie Burkett FA 2017
Bing Ma HS 2018
Tony Repetti HOA 2017
Ed Nagelhout LA 2017
Su Kim Chung LIB 2018
Delia Martin Ad.Fa 2017
Denise Fisher Ad.Fa 2018
Brenda Buck SCI 2017

Committee Reports


Fall 2014 Fiscal Affairs Committee Chaired by Mike Wilde

Spring 2014 Fiscal Affairs Committee Chaired by Alan Schlottmann

Spring 2013, Chaired by Alan Schlottman
Fall 2012, Chaired by Alan Schlottman
Spring 2011, Chaired by Mike Wilde
Fall 2010, Chaired by Mike Wilde (Response to differential tuition for CoB)
Spring 2009, Chaired by Paul Thistle (Powerpoint)
Spring 2008, Chaired by Nasser Daneshvary
Spring 2007, Chaired by Nasser Daneshvary
Spring 2006, Chaired by Mimi Wolverton
Spring & Fall 2005, Chaired by Mimi Wolverton & Bill Robinson