General Education Committee (GEC)

General Education reviews policy regarding general education. Practically, it rules on exceptions and waivers to the general education requirements, and, if necessary, grants modifications in the core requirements. (Two year term.)

New General Education Minimum Distribtuion Requirements

Humanities-Fine Arts Distribution Course Criteria

Physical-Life Sciences Distribution Course Criteria

Social Science Distribution Course Criteria

    Committee Chair Unit Term Email   Mail Code
    Jacob Thompson UA 2017 email   5014
    Name Unit Term
    Bill Robinson BUS 2018
    Maggie Huerta EDU 2018
    Haroon Stephen ENGR 2019
    Anthony Barone FA 2018
    Shona Rue HS 2018
    Yen-Soon Kim HOA 2018
    TBD LAW 2016
    Diane Villa LA 2018
    Rohan Dalpatadu SCI 2019
    Haru Hangawatte UA 2019
    Michelle Carrier Undergraduate Student 2019

    Committee Reports

    Fall 2014, Gen Ed Committee Chaired by Daniel Benyshek

    2013-2014, Gen Ed Committee Chaired by Daniel Benyshek

    Spring 2013, Chaired by Ian Dove
    Fall 2012, Chaired by Ian Dove