Program Review Committee

Program Review organizes reviews of every existing undergraduate and graduate program at least every ten years. It evaluates new programs within five years of implementation. They establish criteria and procedures and submit written reports of programs reviewed. (Three year term.)

Program Review

Committee Chair Unit Email Mail Code
Rohan Dalpatadu SCI email 4020  
Name Unit Term
Jim Cross BUS 2019
Constant Tra BUS 2019
Constant Tra BUS 2019
Alice Korkill EDU 2019
Cori More EDU 2019
LeAnn Putney EDU 2020
Jisoo Yang ENGR 2020
Henry Selvaraj ENGR 2019
Jaeyun Moon ENGR 2020
Shai Yeshayahu FA 2019
Dolly Kelepecz FA 2018
Kimberly James FA 2020
TBA HS 2019
Eve Chung HS 2020
Yu Kuang HS 2020
Chih-Chien Chen HOA 2017
Michael Gebhart HOA 2017
Guiseppe Natale LA 2018
Andrew Cummings LA 2020
Paul Nelson LA 2018
Rosan Mitola LIB 2019
Susie Skarl LIB 2020
Su Kim Chung LIB 2020
Rohan Dalpatadu SCI 2020
Pengtao Sun SCI 2018
Satish Bhatnagar SCI 2019
Erika Engstrom UA 2020
Karu Hangawatte UA 2020
M. Alexis Kennedy UA 2018

Committee Reports

Fall 2012, Chaired by John Farley