Promotion and Tenure Committee

Promotion and Tenure receives applications for promotion and/or tenure after they have moved through proper faculty and administrative channels from department or school to college to the Provost. They also work to ensure comparable rigor of criteria and procedures across units. (Two year term.)

Promotion and Tenure Spring Forum for Full

Committee Chair Unit Email   Mail Code
Vicki Rosser EDU email   3003
Name Unit Term
Michael Sullivan BUS 2019
Darryl Seale BUS ALT 2019
John Filler EDU 2019
Howard Gordon EDU ALT 2019
Evangelos Yfantis ENGR 2019
Hualiang Teng ENGR ALT 2019
Phil Hubbard FA 2018
Eric Weber FA ALT 2019
Georgia Dounis HS 2018
TBA HOA 2017
Christine Bergman HOA ALT 2017
Francine Lipman LAW 2017
Karen Harry LA 2019
Maria (Raquel) Casas LA ALT 2019
David Schwartz LIB 2019
Andrea Wirth LIB ALT 2019
Satish Bhatnagar SCI 2019
Kaushik Ghosh SCI ALT 2017
Krystyna Stave UA 2018
Lawrence Mullen UA ALT 2019

Committee Reports

2014-2015 P&T Report Chaired by Paul Werth

2013-2014 P&T Report Chaired by Shannon Sumpter.pdf

Spring 2013, Chaired by John Filler
Fall 2012, Chaired by John Filler
Fall 2011, Chaired by Cecilia Maldonado
Spring 2011, Chaired by Sally Miller
Fall 2010, Chaired by Sally Miller
Spring 2010, Chaired by Nasser Daneshvary
Fall 2009, Chaired by Clint Richards
Spring 2009, Chaired by Bryan Spangelo
Spring & Fall 2008, Chaired by Skip Swerdlow
Spring & Fall 2006, Chaired by Skip Swerdlow
Spring & Fall 2005, Chaired by Skip Swerdlow