Priority and New Program Review Committee

Priority & New Program Review screens and reviews all programs and makes recommendations, regarding their priority, to the Provost, with copies to the President, after appropriate campus consultations. Criteria and procedures for program review shall be established by the committee. Establish a priority list of all professional positions for all colleges and academic supporting units and submit the recommended priority list to the Provost, with copies to the President. Criteria and procedures for recommendations of positions shall be established by the committee. (Three year term.)

Committee Chair Unit Email Mail Code  
Gene Hall UA email 4030
Name Unit Term
Gillian Naylor BUS 2019
John Filler EDU 2019
Kevin Sun ENR 2019
Dolly Kelepecz FA 2018
Rick Thiriot HS 2019
Clark Kinkcaid HOA 2019
Gregory Brown LA 2018
John Novak LIB 2020
Kathryn Rafferty SCI 2019
Lawrence Mullen UA 2020
Pedro Jule Ad.FA 2018

Committee Reports

Spring 2017 Summary Report

2014-2015 PNPR Report .pdf

2013-2014 Priorities & NPR Committee Chaired by Judy Ryerson
Spring 2013, Chaired by Judy Ryerson