Special Hearing Committee

What exactly does a Special Hearing Committee do? 
(not to be confused with a grievance committee)

Members of the committee are chosen, as necessary and at random, to serve on Special Hearing panels.  
Additionally, Special Hearing panels may conduct disciplinary hearings when charges are brought against faculty members under Chapter 6 of the NSHE Code.

Board of Regents HandbookTitle 2, Chapter 6

Sec 6.11.3  Appointment of the Special Hearing Committee. 
(a)  A faculty-hearing panel, composed of at least fifteen faculty members, shall be selected by the faculty senate of each System institution. Both academic faculty and administrators shall be eligible to serve.

Sec. 6.11.4 Duties of the Special Hearing Committee. 
The function of the special hearing committee shall be: 
(a) Together with the special hearing officer, to hear evidence presented at a hearing held under this chapter during which the committee members may also question witnesses; and 
(b) To make recommendations, after reviewing the report of the special hearing officer, to the president at the conclusion of a hearing for dismissal of charges or imposition of a sanction or sanctions. Such recommendations shall be in writing and shall be made by the committee within a reasonable time after reviewing the special hearing officer's report with copies sent to the person charged and the administrative officer. The full range of sanctions established by Section 6.3 of the Nevada System of Higher Education Code is available.

2015-2016 Special Hearing Commitee Members