Information for Senators



As a Faculty Senator, you are a both a leader of the UNLV faculty and an obligated servant of its interests and mission. You deserve both support and thanks. The resources on this site are intended to help you in your work and facilitate your successful execution of your duties. 


The UNLV Faculty Senate is the voice of the academic and administrative faculty working transparently with the UNLV administration to advance the vision and direction of the institution. Over 400 faculty participate in the Faculty Senate, as Senators or elected  committee members.

Collectively, we serve as the guarantor of academic standards and quality in research, creative activity, teaching and university governance, while exercising responsibility for maintaining and improving rigorous standards across the curriculum.

The Senate advocates for competitive compensation for faculty and staff, adequate benefits and an inclusive, equitable work environment conducive to academic achievement.

The Senate vigorously champions freedom of thought and expression as the basic tenet of the academic environment at UNLV.”


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