Drop a Class

If the withdrawal deadline has passed, students will have to petition the Faculty Senate to be withdrawn from classes. It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw or switch to audit prior to the deadline and exceptions are made only in extenuating circumstances.

In order to petition, a student must fill out the petition form and have it reviewed by their advisor, chair and dean. Student’s should be as detailed as possible and thoroughly document their justification for a late or retroactive withdrawal. Additionally, students must ask each instructor of the courses requested to be withdrawn to provide the student’s attendance and grade history to the Faculty Senate. This may be provided via email from an official UNLV account or on UNLV letterhead. 

NOTE: If you wish to appeal to the fees for the class, this will not be done at Faculty Senate. We will forward your approved petition at your request, but the Office of Cashiering and Student Accounts will guide you through the process. A grade of "W" must show for all courses the student wishes to appeal fees for. Click here to learn more.